North Telangana continues to experience BSNL service interruptions

North Telangana continues to experience BSNL service interruptions.
As a result of the service provider’s network being down after a fire accident at the BSNL main branch in Karimnagar, BSNL services are still being interrupted.
Karimnagar: As a fire broke out late on Wednesday night in the BSNL main branch near Tower Circle in Karimnagar, services from the service provider are still being delayed.

The BSNL technical team is hard at work repairing the networking infrastructure. Officials are repairing new equipment in addition to installing new software because the old equipment was completely destroyed by fire. According to BSNL sources, it would take 24 hours to restore services. Due to a short-circuit, fire started to spread among the air conditioners used to cool the networking control system. The entire networking control system as a result was totally destroyed.

Three lakh mobile phones that utilised BSNL services as well as CUG phones from various government agencies were impacted in the former Karimnagar, Adilabad, and a few locations in Warangal and Nizamabad.

About 3,000 land phones were disconnected owing to network issues, BSNL internet services also came to a standstill. 

Due to a lack of network, activity has also slowed at several banks. 

According to information, the fire disaster caused property valued between Rs 5 crore and Rs 6 crore to burn.

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