To enable an infrastructure of more than 150 charging ports, four battery-swapping stations will be first built up around Gurugram as part of the agreement.

VoltUp, a battery-as-a-service (BaaS) business, and BSNL have teamed together to provide charging stations for electric vehicles around the nation. According to a statement from the firm, four battery switching stations will initially be set up around Gurugram as part of the cooperation, enabling an infrastructure of more than 150 charging ports. By the end of the year, 30 additional venues in Haryana and other cities would be added. In order to encourage last-mile connection agents to utilise electric two- and three-wheelers on a regular basis, the relationship between VoltUp and BSNL will also be extended to large cities with significant automotive densities, the business said.

“Space is a major issue in cities, and finding charging stations for e-two and e-three wheelers can be difficult. Consumers may experience the transformation from urban transportation to green mobility thanks to this relationship, which was pioneered by BSNL in connecting customers with technology “Nikhil Mathur, the business head of VoltUp Circle, stated. According to BSNL General Manager Ganesh Chandra, the relationship with VoltUp creates a new avenue for boosting the use of sustainable energy and lowering carbon emissions. “Battery swapping needs a well-developed network of charging stations to be successful in India. The cooperation will be expanded to other cities by the end of the year, even if we are starting with four outlets in Gurugram “Added he.

VoltUp currently boasts more than 110 stations with more than 1,300 charging ports spread throughout ten cities and eight states thanks to the installation of additional facilities in Gurugram. 

According to the firm, VoltUp plans to add over 2,000 more stations by the end of 2024.

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